• 28 JUL 15
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    Hacking a “Smart” Cherokee Jeep

    Imagine a world of driverless smart cars, all connected wirelessly via a cloud GPS system or similar. Now imagine the challenge to hackers to take over the system and play a game of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ but using real cars and causing real havoc on the highways. Too farfetched? read on and see the video.



    From Henrik E.:

    Hi Don,

    Re the “Smart”-everything discussion. Gotta see this video:

    Two security researchers (White-hat hackers) show how to completely take over a “Smart” Cherokee Jeep via its mobile-network connected “entertainment system”.

    This is exactly why “Internet of Things” will become a complete disaster: security is always the distant afterthought in the rush to market.

    Just this week in the Danish media: 1000’s of home-surveillance wireless IP-cameras are shown to be open to anyone with a TCP/IP portscanner because they didn’t change the factory set password (usually “1234” or “admin”). Everyone is shocked!! and creeped out about the mere possibility of someone peeping into their homes – but none of same people apparently mind that everywhere they go and everything they do on their “Smart”-phones is systematically collected and cross-referenced as data that will tell anyone much more about them than hours of bedroom camera-peeping could.

    best wishes,

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