• 09 JUL 15
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    Did An Australian University Just Say Wi-Fi Can Give You And Your Kids Cancer?

    From the Gizmodo news site:


    Despite the fact that both Australian nuclear advisory bodies and the World Health Organisation have downplayed the link between brain cancer and the radiation emitted by devices like Wi-Fi routers and mobile phones, Monash University yesterday issued a press release that might give parents second thoughts about having Wi-Fi and other wireless gadgets in the home. What gives?

    The press release, titled “Policies on children”s tech exposure confusing” details a study conducted by Monash University”s Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine. The study looked at 34 different countries and the advice they all gave parents surrounding a child”s exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields, also known as RF-EMF.

    The study is actually quite good: it found that there are loads of different guidelines for parents on how RF-EMF exposure should be handled in young children. Author of the review, Dr Mary Redmayne, wrote that these different guidelines can actually confuse parents rather than inform them. But Dr Redmayne didn”t stop there.


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