• 03 MAR 15
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    Dariusz Leszczynski: The Power of the Industrial Lobby: The case of tobacco – how about telecom?…


    On February 24, 2015, BMJ published document “”Massive” tobacco industry third party lobbying for revised European Directive” about industry lobbying efforts to affect EU legislation. The full document is available here with additional links in it.

    The BMJ document deals with tobacco, classified by IARC to be human carcinogen (Group 1). According to the IARC monograph there are 1 billion of smokers.

    Knowing that the tobacco smoke is carcinogenic, the enormous efforts of the tobacco industry, successfully lobbying against EU regulation of tobacco, are astonishing and shocking. Money talks, even if it is against human health.

    What is more, the EU law was not about forbidding of smoking but but merely about “”an increase in the size of graphic health warnings, a ban on certain flavourings, restrictions on the size and shape of cigarette packs, and regulation of e-cigarettes…”

    This reminds the cell phone package labeling-wars with the telecom industry “” e.g. San Francisco”

    Industry makes profit but the costs of health care for the people made sick by the industry product is left for us “” the taxpayers.

    In this context it would be interesting to know what are the lobbying efforts of the telecom industry that secure the untamed spread of wireless technologies that still were not studied enough to prove/disprove health risks (not cancer only).


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