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    Baby monitor health warning: Devices may emit harmful radiation but Rodney Croft is confident….

    Like the best of one of Dynamo’s magic tricks, Rodney Croft from ACEBR, etc., manages to conjure up an illusion of confidence that there are no health effects whatsoever from modern telecommunications technology. If nothing else, his consistency of denial is truly amazing……..


    From the Herald Sun by Chad Van Estrop, December 04, 2014

    Baby monitor health warning: Devices may emit harmful radiation

    THEY”VE been a saviour for many parents, but there are concerns wireless baby monitors could be dangerous.

    Brisbane-based author and researcher Donna Fisher called for a ban on the baby monitors, worried the radiation they emit could be harmful to children. Ms Fisher drew on a World Health Organisation ruling that radiation emitted from the monitors was “possibly carcinogenic”.

    Ms Fisher also said the radiation from the devices had the potential to cause reproductive problems, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders and other health problems.

    But the director of the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research, Rodney Croft, said the WHO classification was ambiguous due to conflicting research.

    Professor Croft said the dangers of wireless monitors were “extremely small” with the devices emitting radiation at similar levels to mobile phones and 100 times less than a level considered dangerous.

    “Given it is quite a low level of exposure people are getting, it tends to give us a fair bit of confidence that it is unlikely that there will be a problem.”

    Professor Croft said the call to ban the devices was a knee-jerk reaction.

    Ms Fisher, a lecturer on the effects of electricity and light on the human body, has this week released a book calling for wireless baby monitors and wi-fi in schools and childcare centres to be banned.

    “Australians are unwittingly exposing their children to EMFs, without the realisation or understanding of the long term impact this can have on future development,” Ms Fisher said.

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    HOWEVER for an alternative baby monitor that doesn’t use WiFi signals see: http://www.emfanalysis.com/safe-baby-monitor/

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