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    Dariusz Leszczynski on CDC backdown

    From Dariusz Leszczynski:


    The Anti-Precautionary Principle Lobby at Work”¦ Again”¦
    Posted on August 21, 2014

    Year 2003

    Louis Slesin, editor of the Microwave News, reported that in the spring of 2003, then the WHO”™s EMF Project leaders, Mike Repacholi and Leeka Kheifets announced “that “there is “sufficient evidence” to apply the precautionary principle to both power-frequency and high-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs)” (See link to MWN).

    Soon after, the announcement concerning precautionary approach was removed from the WHO EMF Project”™s site.

    Someone was afraid of the Precautionary Principle and the precautionary approach.


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