• 20 MAY 14
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    Open letter about protecting children from microwave radiation

    From tac interconnections, a UK organisation Sharing information, helping build the knowledge base and promoting teamwork around babies, children, young people and adults with disabilities and special needs

    NCB & England’s children’s organisations “” editor’s open letter to you about protecting children from microwave radiation

    My heart, head, and all my instincts, my education in science and my past experiences as teacher and parent of young children tell me that we should not subject children to microwave radiation unless for a very good medical reason. If we come to a point where radiation is an imperative, then it should be on the fewest possible occasions and for the shortest possible duration.

    Here is a thought experiment: Imagine it is 1993 and you work in the Department of Education or NCB[1] (National Children’s Bureau) or NSPCC or Mencap or Barnardos. I write to you to get your support for a new range of toys and learning aids that I have developed that, as a side-effect, subject children to electro-magnetic radiation while they are using them. You would have written back to me to say,

    ‘Dear Mr Limbrick, we are going to do everything in our power to stop you in your tracks. These gadgets of yours are highly dangerous. Irradiating children in this way while they play and learn seems likely to cause all sorts of problems. If you do not take these toys off the market immediately we will use all of our powers to put you out of business.’

    I chose 1993 for my thought experiment because that was the year that NCB published Children and the Environment[2] which mentioned health risks to children from radiation. As far as I am aware NCB has not published books on this subject since then.

    But toys and learning aids that irradiate children are very common now and have crept up on us by stealth. The present situation, in which the common sense I postulated for my thought experiment has not prevailed, is that babies sleep next to radiating baby alarms, toddlers play with radiating toys at their nursery and children of all ages are subject, without choice, to wi-fi radiation in their classrooms.


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