• 17 MAY 14
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    Excellent article on the facts on brain tumour rates and mobile phone use.

    From Daruisz Leszczynski’s blog Between A Rock and A Hard Place:


    MMF, NHS UK, and Cancer Research UK are living in a “twilight zone”

    Posted on May 16, 2014

    It is amazing that educated people, for some unknown to me reasons, show complete disrespect for the general audiences and talk to them simply nonsense.

    Recent French epidemiological study CERENAT has found that use of cell phone for 30 minutes per day for an extended period of years might lead to the increased risk of developing brain cancer. The same was found European project Interphone and the series of Lennart Hardell studies in Sweden.

    Mobile Manufacturers Forum, National Health Services UK and the Cancer Research UK published immediately comments about the meaning of the French study.

    I can understand the Mobile Manufacturers Forum because they mislead to protect their business, the same way as tobacco or asbestos industry did” but the National Health Services UK and the Cancer Research UK? Why?


    Read the full article here

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