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    Wireless technology: The dark side of convenience

    From Olle Johansson


    Fri. Apr. 18, 2014 by Ron Gordon

    Wireless Technology Warnings(NaturalHealth365) The ancient Romans became sickened by seemingly safe lead pipes bringing drinking water. Today, the story repeats with wireless.

    Something new is in the air. You can”t see it, hear it, smell it or feel it, but the cells in your body can. It”s called wireless technology.

    Are we slowly cooking humanity to death?

    Wireless fills the air around us with an invisible electrosmog of microwave radiation used for communication by devices like cell phones, mobile computers, and smart (utility) meters. The wireless age has revolutionized the way we live our lives “” with smartphones tapping into our ancient human need to communicate and belong.

    Many of us have willingly succumbed to the addiction of these modern conveniences handed to us by government and industry” but how many of us have stopped to ask: is this safe?

    How does this stuff really work? Are we so desperately attached to our mobile devices that we no longer care to know the truth?

    Behind the lure of convenience there is something industry would rather we not know: people are getting sick from wireless; there is a trail of ignored studies going back to WW2 showing stark dangers; our industry skewed safety “guidelines” are obsolete and largely deceptive; and there is no proof that this technology is safe.

    While Europe begins to awaken to the dangers and starts to step back, North America hurtles towards a potential public health disaster. Could it be that the ultimate cost of our wireless convenience is lethally short-sighted?
    A new twist to old technology

    Most people are not aware that wireless is a modern day adaptation of WW2 radar technologies, complete with most of its inherent risks. It”s difficult to relate to the nebulous nature of microwaves which pierce silently through the air around us at the speed of light, vibrating atoms at millions to billions of times per second, penetrating virtually everything including buildings, cement walls, and “” unfortunately “” our bodies and brains.

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