• 03 APR 14
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    Canadian “Expert” Panel Presents Disappointing and Biased Review of Current RF Exposure Limits

    From SkyVision Solutions:


    An expert panel of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) released a report on April 1, 2014, entitled “A Review of Safety Code 6 (2013): Health Canada”s Safety Limits for Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields.” Although the report is comprehensive at 165 pages in length, it clearly presents a disappointing and biased account of the current state of science on RF exposure effects and what to do in response to those effects.

    As summarized by one Toronto new source regarding the new report, “Federal guidelines that spell out safe exposure levels of radiofrequency waves emitted by cellphones and other wireless devices appear to be mostly adequate, but research to clarify the potential risk of cancer should be aggressively pursued, an expert panel recommends.”

    In other words, there is some evidence that RF exposure might be harmful, but we need more studies to quantify the possible risk. Where have we heard that before?

    Two individuals generally critical of the current RF exposure guidelines were listed in the report as peer reviewers, namely Dr. Martin Blank and Dr. Anthony Miller. It will be interesting at some point to get their perspectives on the newly issued report. With the report at least providing a broad treatment of the subject matter, it takes time to fully digest the report”s content. Based upon an initial review, observations will be offered to help support the headline of this blog article that the RSC expert panel report is disappointing and biased.

    Read the full article here

    Also see: http://www.c4st.org/RSCREPORT-SC6

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