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    The Real Consequences of Corporatism, “Smart” Grid and Corrupt Government

    By Josh del Sol, Producer & Director, Take Back Your Power
    14 January 2014


    The Real Consequences of Corporatism, “Smart” Grid and Corrupt GovernmentAt the federal level, the illusion of representative government is now over. With a few exceptions, for-profit interests have colonized government systems that were originally intended to serve people.

    The danger of allowing this virus to continue, of course, is that the casualty always eventually becomes life itself. Like any virus.

    Reuters interviewed one veteran Washington telecom insider, who spoke anonymously:

    “All of the senators in the Commerce Committee know Tom as a lobbyist who funnels funds to them, not as a stand-up guy from a regulatory agency who is able to take heat.”

    Wheeler”s career has been dedicated to obsessively expanding the telecom industry to what it is now: an uncontrollable behemoth in league with the NSA and its ilk. And a facade which intentionally suppresses an avalanche of scientific evidence for the harm it is causing.

    Presented to you is Exhibit A: chief telecom industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler now chairs the FCC. This is yet another FDA-Monsanto-esque revolving door of corruption, which sidelines the rights and safety of an entire nation.


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