• 31 JAN 14
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    Censorship of science at STUK/Finland – Ministry does not care…

    From the blog of Dariusz Leszczynski:


    The last day of 2013 was my last day of work at STUK “” Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Helsinki, Finland. I came to STUK nearly 22 years ago, in February 1992 to work on a research grant. Soon, I was transferred to be employee of STUK and I climbed ladder of scientific career starting with scientist, then senior scientist, then project leader and finally in 2000 I become Research Professor. I was in top salary group of STUK employees that was established few years ago to prevent drainage of experts from STUK to industry. The group was set for persons without whom STUK would be unable to perform it duties. I was one of them”

    Effects of cell phone radiation on health is a very controversial topic, both scientifically and “politically”. I got involved in it in 1997 not from my own free will but because the job was given to me by my bosses. Starting from scratch, with no experience in EMF area, thanks to hard work of my research group we brought STUK cell phone research to international prominence.

    However, there were “political” problems. First and foremost there was problem with ICNIRP.


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