• 15 DEC 13
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    A really dumb smart idea: 4G Smart Trench Coat Tells You When It’s Raining

    No longer will you have to depend upon wet hair to tell you if it is raining. The smart trench coat even comes with a weather app that tells the wearer when it”s raining. Now how smart is that?


    From http://www.industrytap.com:

    4G-Loaded Smart Trench Coat Tells You When It”s Raining

    By: Nidhi | December 1st, 2013

    Progress in technical fields has been enormous and we”ve come to rely on it in our day-to-day lives, so much so that we apparently need technology to tell us it”s raining outside. Techies have developed a coat that comes laden with a built-in 4G data connection, smart phone charger and a weather app that tells us it”s raining outside.

    The folks at Motiif have designed this sleek, waterproof coat and advertised it as the “Smart Trench Coat”. They call the complex coat simply, “M.”

    The data connection to the coat will come through Karma”s pay-as-you-go network. It comes with 1GB of free data per month for the first three months. But after three months, your coat will require a $14 monthly subscription to keep giving you 1GB of data.

    As per Motiif, the coat”s internal charging dock will work with the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and both Samsung”s Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. To charge your phone, just slide the handset into the coat”s breast pocket and for recharging the coat, the user hangs it on a hanger with the included wireless charging pad.

    Motiif is currently monitoring the coat for its performance. If everything goes as planned, “M” is expected to arrive in stores February 2014 with a price tag between $100 and $300.

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