• 05 NOV 13
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    Doctor Reports That Wireless Smart Meters Cause Illness

    From TheTruthAboutSmartGrids.org

    According to Dr. Amy Dean, “The claim has been made that smart meters are safe and that no health risks exist. However, [the] industry has not conducted independent studies or investigations to verify that claim.”

    Dr. Dean is an Ann Arbor, Michigan, physician and the most recent past president for the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM).

    “Recently, the AAEM received a 92-case series from outside the United States for review regarding smart meter health effects,” Dean said. “Based on this research, it appears that there is a direct correlation between smart meter installation and the development of health conditions such as insomnia, fatigue, headaches, cognitive disturbance and other symptoms. Many of these are the same symptoms correlated with EMF and RF exposure found in the scientific literature.”

    “It was clear to me when reviewing the scientific literature that these fields have a definite impact on the human body and can cause disease,” Dean said.


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