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    Direct Action in Victoria: Smart meter removed by homeowner and returned to Powercor.

    This is the second case that I know of where a smart meter was removed by a home owner in Victoria. Is this the start of a direct action trend by frustrated Victorians? And how will Powercor respond?

    What worries me here is the risk of electrocution unless this procedure is done by a trained electrician.



    Update: The Youtube video of the below is now online at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUalD4qtVbI

    Email forwarded on by Richard L.

    Some of you may or may not be aware that a young father was becoming very concerned about the way his daughter”™s health was being affected by the Smart Meter fitted to her bedroom wall. He requested that Powercor remove the meter; however his pleas brought no satisfaction, so he warned them that if they did not come and remove the meter, he would remove it himself.

    Jason removed the meter and he replaced it with an analogue meter. Today, Jason took the Smart Meter back to Powercor with 15 others (including me) supporting him.

    We entered the building at approximately 11:20 am and surprised the receptionist with our numbers, placards and cameras. As the site manager was not immediately available, it took at least half and hour for her to locate him.

    When he arrived, he was polite and friendly enough. Jason gave him the meter and the letter (Media Release attached) and some discussion did follow. Afterwards, the group dispersed for lunch at the Sunshine shopping centre.

    The matter is now in the hands of Powercor. They at least know that there is some community support behind Jason. Jason is possibly in his 30″™s and most of the supporters were over 50″™s. The days ahead for Jason will be difficult, because for him to interfere with the electricity grid (of which the meter is a component) is an offence.

    As events unfold between Powercor and Jason, I will endeavour to keep you informed of the developments. He may need further support in the future.

    Rather interestingly, a woman who attended the rally indicated to me that she would like someone to remove her Smart Meter and have an Analogue Meter replace it. This is because since her Smart Meter was installed on her bedroom wall, she has not worked since last March due to her various illnesses being attributed to her Smart Meter. She is desperate for a solution to her problem and will do anything to regain her health.

    Thanks again for those who attended the rally for Jason at short notice.


    Below is an extract of the letter addressed to Mr. Timothy Rourke, Chief Executive Officer, Powercor Australia Ltd.

    14 October 2013

    Dear Mr. Rourke

    This letter is to advise you that I have replaced the smart meter installed in my home with an analogue meter.

    I have taken this action because I have contacted your customer service staff on several occasions complaining about the meter”™s electro-magnetic radiation affecting my daughter”™s health, and they continually failed to take any action to help me.

    When I last telephoned, I told your operator that unless they arranged to have the meter removed within 24 hours, I would do it myself. So I have delivered it to your staff at your Ballarat Road facility this day, because I no longer have any use for it.

    As I have a solar panel system installed at my house, I acknowledge that the analogue meter I now have installed may not be suitable for this purpose; however I am prepared to allow Powercor Australia to inspect the installation and make recommendations to me as to what type of replacement meter that accommodates solar power metering. As I have the box secured with a padlock, I would appreciate a telephone call to arrange an appointment with me to discuss this matter further.

    I must point out that I will not permit any additional Smart Meter or any radio transmission emitting device to be installed on to my property.

    Finally, I want to request that Powercor estimate the power used in my home during the period that the house was without a meter, because it is NOT my intention to steal electricity or anything else that belongs to Powercor.




    Also see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdxSKv2vm_0

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