• 29 SEP 13
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    VooDoo science and Australia: We could do far better…..

    Just in case readers have missed the comments to the last message “More pseudo “independent” research in Australia?” here is the comment from Dariusz Lesczcynski. See his qualifications here and his blog here.

    It seems that Australia, because of recent research funding for studies on RF and health, is becoming “Mecca” for RF research. And it has a “prophet” “” Rodney “” speaking that: “there”s a pretty strong consensus that there”s not a problem in adults”””We”ve got no reason to believe that there”ll be a greater effect in children than in adults.” It is absolutely embarassing that such statements can be made by a scientist who is considered as expert in the field. There is absolutely no consensus among the scientists. Exception might be a pre-selected private club called ICNIRP, of which Rodney has recently become a member. Nothing else but, unfortunately, Voodoo Science comments from Rodney”
    Dariusz Leszczynski

    More quotable quotes from Rodney:

    The director of the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research, Professor Rodney Croft, said there was “absolutely no evidence”” of people suffering sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. “The research is well and truly in the court of it not having an effect, but people are still complaining,”” he said. “We need to understand this better so we can help them.”

    Help them how Rodney? Try to convince affected people its all in their mind and then recommend a suitable drug or perhaps a vacation in a mental ward?

    Calling this VooDoo science is not strong enough…..


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