• 11 JUN 13
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    What does an electronic countermeasures (ECM) backpack look like?

    In response to the Channel 10 News report (last two messages) the Australian military has requested that Channel 10 refrain from focussing on individual systems, meaning the ECM backpacks. To quote in part:

    “For operational security reasons, defence cannot provide details on the configuration, operation or employment of these systems. This approach limits our adversaries’ ability to access information which may enhance their efforts to attack our personnel. Similarly, Defense will not provide focused imagery of these essential items because to do so may assist our adversary to defeat the protection they offer. For this reason we ask that Channel 10 does not specifically focus on the employment of individual systems.”

    However Sam Milham, risking violating someone’s official secrets act and upsetting the NSA, has sent in a link to such an item, manufactured by a firm in India. This one’s called a Manpack but I suppose it could still be worn by a woman if she wants the “protection they offer”. Note that if you are a registered user you can request a catalog, product information and even purchase one. Not so secure I think…..



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