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    Powerwatch Comments on the very flawed Rubin study

    Powerwatch Comments on Rubin et al study

    Excerpt from Electrical Hypersensitivity 8 © Alasdair and Jean Philips

    There are a number of problems with this study that will contribute to the “no evidence”

    Firstly, a number of really ES people who volunteered to take part were too badly affected, did
    not complete the tests and so had to be excluded from the analysis. Indeed, to be included you
    had to be able to use a mobile phone.

    Secondly, the background RF fields in the rooms were not controlled and the rooms were not
    screened so (a) there was a general level of RF pollution all the time and (b) any mobile phones in
    nearby rooms would have, at times, affected the ambient microwave fields.

    Thirdly, and probably the most important problem was due to the design of the MTHR (UK Govt
    Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research) handset that was used in the tests. In order
    that the handset should “warm up” the same in “sham” mode as it usually would in normal use,
    the MTHR specified that the microwave power should still operate and just be fed to a “dummy
    load” inside the handset. That works fine for the temperature control but also results in
    significant microwave fields around the handset when in the “sham” (= no exposure) mode.
    These are shown at: http://www.mcluk.org/MTHR_exposure_systems/SARplots.htm


    Read the full article here (pages 4 and 5)

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