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    Mona Nilsson: The increase in mental health problems among children may be due to cell phone radiation

    From Iris Atzmon

    The increase in mental health problems among children may be due to cell phone radiation
    By Mona Nilsson
    Published January 15, 2013 – 07:58

    Microwave radiation, the explosion of wireless technology means that we are exposed to more microwave radiation. Information Technology (IT) Minister Anna-Karin Hatt want to Swedish schools is even more connected – but our mobile society begins to have an impact. More computers give more radiation and in the long run can lead to sleep problems, depression and ADHD, writes Mona Nilsson, Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, in a reply.

    Swedish children suffer more from sleep problems, difficulty concentrating and are sad. They are given increasingly sleep drugs , antidepressants and ADHD medications. The increase in mental illness and sleep problems have been described over and over again in recent years, most recently in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet last week.

    Never before have so many children and young people sought help at the child and adolescent psychiatry clinics. The increase in the prescription can not be explained by the doctors become more inclined to prescribe pills. Children and young people do not feel well in Sweden today. The problem also applies to young adults. Never before have so many young adults have sleep problems and mental illness. We must look at all possible causes of the problems. What has changed in our environment and our way of life?

    There is an environmental factor that has increased significantly in our environment, in the children’s school and in their homes. Children’s and young people’s exposure to microwave radiation from wireless technology has exploded in the last five-six years. Significantly more children use mobiles and surfing the internet with wireless connectivity, while almost every school has introduced wifi. Children exposed also passive already in the womb for parents mobiles radiation. The wireless data network in the home and behind the wall to the neighbor. From the bedroom window is seen more and more cell towers.

    Swedish children grow up today surrounded by levels of microwave radiation as no previous generation.

    IT Minister Anna-Karin Hatt and the Centre Party education policy spokesperson Ulrika Carlsson want in an article on SVT Debate that our children’s exposure will increase even more. She is “absolutely convinced that the increased use of computers in schools is the answer to many of the school’s problems.” But it is just the opposite.

    The radiation causes learning, concentration and memory problems, which we hardly want to see the increase in the school rooms. Many teachers and students can not at all stay in school any longer since wifi was installed, and a laptop computer given to each student. The radiation gives them heart problems, concentration and learning problems, headache and rash, they tell.

    For decades, scientists have described that microwaves cause the symptoms that more and more children are suffering from: sleep problems, concentration problems, depression, anxiety attacks and stress. The effects have been confirmed by the recent research.

    For example, researchers at Yale University last year that mice exposed to mobile phone radiation in utero have ADHD symptoms and impaired memory as adults. A study has shown that children who were exposed the most for mobile radiation during gestation and early childhood ran an increased risk of behavioral problems at age seven. German doctors have shown that children who are exposed to radiation from mobile towers increasingly have lower levels of a substance, phenylethylamine, which is also altered in children with ADHD. The doctors also found that substances like dopamine, linked to depression, were negatively affected – as other substances that suggested increased stress.

    Several studies have shown that adolescents who use mobile most also have an increased risk of mental illness. Neighbours to the cell towers have insomnia and concentration problems. Several stress and sleep researchers have confirmed that radiation has a sleep disruptive and stressful effect on the brain.

    The other day, a new international report on research in the field of 29 international experts, who concluded that the effects of the radiation is now fully understood. The report points to the risk of the same symptoms as increasing among the increasingly microwave irradiated Swedish children and adolescents.

    We must stop exposing our children and youth for the known risks from wireless technology. Minimize the use of mobile phones, tablets and wireless connected computers. Return to the secure phone and use the cabled internet to your computer in the home and in schools.
    Mona Nilsson, journalist and founder of Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation


    Swedish Radiation Safety, in a reply to Mona Nilsson
    Nothing indicates that wireless technology is dangerous for children

    Published January 21, 2013 – 15:43

    RADIATION IN SCHOOL In science, it is important to make assessments based on comprehensive research. There is no evidence that wireless radiation could be behind the increase in mental illness among young people. Additionally, measurements in the school that the exposure from wireless network is the same as in regular outdoor environment, writes Torsten Augustsson, investigators Swedish Radiation Protection Authority in a reply to Mona Nilsson.

    In an article on SVT Debate warns Mona Nilsson for radio waves from wireless technology. But extensive reviews of the overall state of scientific knowledge does not support the radio waves from wireless computer networks, laptops and tablets is a physics problem.

    The link Mona Nilsson makes to sleep and concentration problems have nothing to do with radio waves from wireless technology. However, some researchers believe that the symptoms may be due to increased stress in the intensive use of computer and mobile phone.

    In science, it is important not to rely on individual research studies, without making judgments based on the overall research. Such reviews do not give reason to suspect health risks of radio waves from these products. This assessment is made, except SSM, virtually all radiation protection authorities worldwide and the World Health Organization.

    In addition, SSM measured on wireless computer networks in schools. The measurements show that exposure levels equivalent to levels in normal outdoor environment, and is far below the reference values. The British authority, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has been thoroughly investigating wireless computer networks in schools. Neither the opinion that networks involve any radiation protection problems.

    So there is no reason for the radiation protection reasons, avoid installing wireless computer networks or using laptop computers, whether at school or elsewhere.
    Torsten Augustsson, investigator at SSM
    Photo: Bosse Alenius, Radiation Safety

    The authorities can not deny the dangers of microwave radiation
    Mona Nilsson

    Published January 29, 2013 – 10:43

    RADIATION In a recent report based on 1800 studies coated risks of microwave radiation. Swedish Radiation Protection Authority SSM sounds like a stone plate hooked up when they deny the dangers of wireless technology, writes Mona Nilsson, Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, in a reply to the SSM.

    In a previous article on SVT Debate, I described the repeated studies showing that microwave radiation from wireless technology can cause mental health problems, sleeping problems and ADHD symptoms. Symptoms increase with epidemic proportions in society as do our exposure. The young generation is given sleeping pills, antidepressants and ADHD medications like never before.

    In a new report, Bioinitiative Report, based on the 1800 study and compiled by 29 leading experts, it is concluded that the evidence of health risks are significant. Children, young people and fetuses are especially at risk.

    Faced with these alarming facts SSM sounds like an old stone slab which hooked up: “Nothing indicates that wireless technology is dangerous for children,” they wrote on SVT.

    Research in recent decades has shown that microwave radiation has a stressful effect on the brain. Central nervous system and the concentrations of the substances, sleep hormones and stress hormones that are important for good sleep and mental health affected. SSM’s excuse that the symptoms among the most exposed are not due to radiation, but “may be due to increased stress in the intensive use of computer and mobile phone” is nonsensical

    We’ve heard the reversed language before. It does not matter if hundreds or thousands of studies have shown adverse effects and that lots of people testify of the same disease symptoms after exposure to radiation. The SSN asserts, however, that “no health risks have been detected.” Research has shown that children’s heads absorb twice as much radiation and that they are at higher risk of brain tumors compared with adults, and that the fetus can be damaged. SSM argues nonetheless that “children are not more sensitive in any way.”

    This is why we started the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation. People need to get accurate information about the many serious health risks. This applies not only mental health but also brain tumors, cancer and neurological diseases. People who experience symptoms related to radiation must get advice and help to protect themselves.

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