• 20 DEC 12
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    Retraction of previous comments re. Cellsafe and Today Tonight

    Back in May of 2011 I ran a Sarcastic commentary that was critical of both a Today Tonight program (http://au.todaytonight.yahoo.com/article/9351295/health/increase-mobile-phone-safety ) and the CellSafe mobile phone cases that are designed to reduce SAR levels of mobile phones when used with the cases. Since that date I have had a number of discussions with people via email and at conferences I have presented at, who claim that the cases have resulted in elimination of symptoms, predominantly headaches when using, or after using their phone. After carefully studying the technical reports on the cases, such as from EMC Technologies in Melbourne, I now withdraw my previous comments as unjust and unfair to both the CellSafe company and Today Tonight and apologise for my ill-conceived comments. With the IARC ruling that mobile phone radiation is a possible human carcinogen and the University of Wollongong establishing a new research centre targeting mobile phone health concerns (http://media.uow.edu.au/news/UOW130536.html) there is a need to set the record straight and encourage people to take precautions when using their phones.

    From my understanding now, I conclude that the CellSafe cases do reduce SAR levels when used with a mobile phone. For further info see: http://www.cellsafe.com.au/

    I will only recommend such equipment after I am satisfied that they do reduce SAR exposure levels.

    Don Maisch

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