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    Are smart meters an “electrical form of asbestos”?

    From Stop Smart Meters Australia:

    Posted on December 13, 2012 by Stop Smart Meters Australia

    CITY of Greater Dandenong is planning to refuse smart meters on council property, with one councillor questioning whether they”re “an electrical form of asbestos”.

    Residents concerned about the health impacts of the digital meters have contacted several councillors asking for help to stop their installation.

    In response, at the 10 December council meeting Paperbark Ward representative Peter Brown moved that the council oppose installation in its buildings and investigate their rights under the law to “opt out” of the program.

    “Council is going to provide leadership in this matter,” he said.

    All households and small businesses were to receive digital smart meters by the end of the year.

    They record electricity usage and automatically send data to electricity suppliers, making estimated quarterly bills and manual meter readings redundant.

    A State Government fact sheet said the meters complied with Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) electromagnetic exposure limits.

    “The communications system associated with smart meters involves lower electromagnetic exposures than many other household devices, such as mobile phones and baby monitors,” it read.

    But Cr Brown said he had doubts about their safety.

    “Is this an electrical form of asbestos?” he asked.

    Silverleaf Ward councillor Maria Sampey said she”d received calls from residents about “intimidation tactics” from installers, and adverse health effects and flickering lights following installations.

    “They don”t know whether it”s going to catch fire or whatever. They”re scared,” she said.

    However, Red Gum ward councillor Matthew Kirwan said there was no credible evidence that the devices caused any health problems. He and Cr John Kelly voted against the motion.

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