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    Impressions from Monte VeritÃ

    From the blog “Between a Rock and A Hard Place” by Dariusz Leszczynski:


    The 2nd Monte Verita was a well organized meeting, having representative group of scientists but the final outcome feels rather slim. Once again the scientific gathering of the bioelectromagnetics researchers has shown that not only the research does not progress because of the lack of funding, but rather because of the lack of new ideas. In a one word, it is “” stagnation.

    Thanks to Niels Kuster I had the opportunity to participate in the 2nd Monte Verita meeting. I presented there an overview of the proteomics studies executed so far. My presentation I ended on a very pessimistic note. I quoted fragment of e-mail message describing RF-EMF research. The note I received from my colleague, a prominent proteomics researcher.


    In the context of the effects induced with only certain RF frequencies, observed by Boris Pasche and also by Igor Belyaev (Slovakia & Russia) and Carl Blackman (USA), I had an interesting coffee-break talk with Zhengping Xu (China). His point was: could it be so that by making “perfect uniform dosimetry” of exposure chambers used in the in vitro studies we might lose effects that might be observed in “not so perfect in their uniformity” exposure chambers? That when the exposure chamber is perfectly tuned it might be tuned to “wrong” parameter(s)? We do not know yet what the “correct” parameters of RF exposure are. This brings to mind the study by David de Pomerai. Using imperfect exposure chamber he saw effects. Once chamber was made perfectly tuned by Motorola engineers the effect disappeared. Could it be so that we might be tuning our exposure chambers to wrong parameters and have problems to see effects. Such perfect tuning is not present in real life exposures when we put phone to our head. Something to think about”¦


    Read Leszczynski’s full article here

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