• 24 OCT 12
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    Update: Italian Supreme Court Affirms Cell Phone Tumor Risk

    From Louis Slesin, Microwave News:

    Many of you may have already heard that the Italian Supreme Court has affirmed a worker’s compensation
    claim filed by a man who developed a tumor after using wireless phones daily for 12 years. This is the first time
    a court has ruled in favor of such a link.

    The decision may turn out to be an important legal precedent, but it also represents a defeat for a small coterie of experts on ICNIRP and at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm whose “don’t worry, be happy” outlook was rejected by the court.

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    Louis Slesin

    Louis Slesin, PhD
    Editor, Microwave News
    A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation
    New York, NY 10075, U.S.A.

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