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    Message from the Dutch EHS Foundation

    From Hugo Schooneveld:

    Dear colleagues in the struggle against electrical hypersensitivity (EHS)

    Public awareness about dangers of certain types of EMF is less than desirable in the Netherlands. It is a good thing that at least one governmental organization is trying to get an understanding of the EMF-EHS problems: the Knowlegde Platform EMF and Health”™. Several semi-governmental institutions are a member of this platform.
    Scientific research on health effects of EMFs has been initiated and non-profit organizations such as the Dutch EHS Foundation are invited to represent the citizens in formal meetings where EMF dangers are assessed.

    The Knowledge platform has recently published a comprehensive report on “˜Electrosensitivity”™. It may be retrieved free of charge from: http://www.kennisplatform.nl/Files/2012-08-31KnowledgeNoteonElectrosensitivity.pdf

    A more concise summary of the report addresses physicians and other health workers and advice them to take the health complaints by electrosensitive people seriously and to advice on field reduction if the patient claims that EMFs make him ill. This report “˜An electrosensitive is looking for help”™ may also be retrieved from: http://www.kennisplatform.nl/Files/2012-08-31Summarynote-KnowledgeNoteonElectrosensitivity.pdf .

    The Dutch EHS Foundation (“˜Stichting EHS”™) is happy to play a role in this discussions by collecting EHS data from the population, by working out strategies to minimize harm, by publishing on the subject amomg others. We make some progress in familiarizing the public with the EHS problems, but too many still remain to be convinced.

    Hugo Schooneveld, PhD
    Chairman of Stichting EHS (EHS Foundation)
    E:: hugo.schooneveld@stichtingEHS.nl
    I: www.stichtingEHS.nl

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