• 08 MAY 12
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    ARPANSA to review the RF literature – but don’t expect any change soon…..

    According to an article by Natasha Bita, writing in The Australian, Australia’s radiation protection agency, ARPANSA has just announced that it is to conduct a review of the RF Literature with the view of possibly reducing emission levels if the evidence warrants it. Recommendations will be made by a panel of experts to aid its review of scientific literature published since 2002.

    Going by past history will we have ‘the usual suspects’ on this panel who have long supported the ICNIRP hegemony and downplayed any possible hazards below the ICNIRP limits?

    Will we see the panel simply rubber stamp the biased AGNIR Report headed by Anthony Swerdlow?

    Whatever the case, don’t hold your breath waiting for ARPANSA to depart from the ICNIRP dogma.



    From The Australian:

    Mobile phone radiation emissions may be cut

    From: The Australian
    May 05, 2012 12:00AM


    AUSTRALIA’S radiation limits for mobile phones and transmitters may be changed for the first time in a decade, after a string of European countries lowered their limits.

    The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency is setting up a panel of experts to aid its review of scientific literature published since 2002.

    “Should evidence arise to indicate that the exposure limits do not provide adequate protection, then the standard will be revised,” ARPANSA said yesterday.

    European countries, including Italy, Greece and Poland, have cut their electromagnetic emission limits for mobile phone towers to a fraction of Australia’s limit of 4.5 watts per square metre.


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