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    Another thought-provoking paper from Russia

    Mobile communications and health of population: the risk assessment, social and ethical problems
    By Yury Grigoriev

    Published in the Environmentalist online December 20, 2011

    Selected extracts

    Abstract Today world population lives in a new electromagnetic environment, characterized with (i) around the clock enforcement of chronic exposure of all age and gender groups to a wide range of modulated electromag- netic fields (EMF) from base stations; (ii) daily, repeated from early childhood throughout entire life exposure to EMF RF mobile phone the brain and vestibular receptor apparatus and auditory analyzers, located directly “˜”˜under the EMF beam”™”™ in the inner ear. On the other hand, the world science and epidemiology is missing well-planned and executed research results of prolonged exposure of EMF RF on the brain. International recommendations and domestic guidelines do not include changing conditions of RF EMF on the population: the brain has become a critical organ, and the children entered the risk group. The popu- lation continues to actively use the mobile phone. In this situation the problem of assessing the risk of mobile communications has become a social and ethical.


    7 The general conclusion

    Mobile communications has become an integral part of our lives. All groups are practically exposed to significant electromagnetic radiation. For the first time large portions of civilization are daily fractional RF EMF irradiated brain mobile phone users. Children were included in the risk group and under the terms of the electromagnetic loads on the body can be equated to the professionals. Existing scientific baseline data to assess the electromagnetic safety of MT is not enough. No data on the possible development of long-term effects in children after prolonged exposure of the developing brain of EMF in the near field antenna are available. We must begin the study with “˜”˜a blank sheet of paper”™”™.

    Radiobiologists, hygienists and scientists working in the field of basic sciences were not prepared for this situation, to the emergence of a fundamentally new source of electromagnetic fields. On the one hand, there is a total uncontrolled exposure of the general population, which can be considered as significant. On the other hand, we do not observe pronounced adverse effect of the EMF RF on health. However, we believe that bioeffects added and the process is latent. In this regard, we must persevere in the relevant scientific research and have a sound regulatory framework that takes into account the changed realities of the electromagnetic effects on the population. The problem went on to develop morally unacceptable harm, especially when it comes to future generations. We are in the area of scientific uncertainty.


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