• 03 DEC 11
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    Microwave News: Weak RF Blocks Growth of Cancer Cells

    From Louis Slesin:

    In August, the British Journal of Cancer published some extraordinary results: Very specific types of weak electromagnetic fields were able to stabilize and shrink liver tumors in advanced cancer patients.

    It was pretty much ignored. No one believed it.

    The British Journal of Cancer has now released a follow-up paper by the same team, led by Boris Pasche of the University of Alabama. It should help convince skeptics that EM cancer therapy is more than pie in the sky.

    Read this important story at:

    And be sure to check out our latest Short Takes with news
    of last Sunday’s hard-hitting documentary on Italian TV
    in which Mike Repacholi explains why industry’s support
    of the WHO EMF project in Geneva with money laundered
    in Australia was business as usual.

    As well as:

    # The Italian government’s decision to advise
    precaution in the use of cell phones by children;

    # The fact that senior officials at the U.S. NIH
    appear to be oblivious about epigenetics;

    # Christopher Ketcham’s latest piece on EM hypersensitivity
    in Earth Island Journal;

    # The results of the latest ICNIRP elections.

    All at http://www.microwavenews.com


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