• 16 AUG 11
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    Microwave News: Very Weak RF Radiation Shrinks Inoperable Liver Tumors

    From Louis Slesin, Microwave News:

    What if you could treat cancer without surgery, without
    chemotherapy and without ionizing radiation? What
    if you could extend a dying patient’s life by years without
    any side effects? All that may be possible sooner than you think.

    American and Brazilian cancer researchers have succeeded
    in stabilizing and shrinking inoperable liver tumors with RF
    radiation that is no more powerful than that emitted by a
    typical cell phone.

    This new therapy could not only revolutionize cancer therapy,
    but might also stimulate new respect for EM medicine, as well as
    prompt a major reevaluation of RF health risks, most especially
    with respect to the safety of cell phones.

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