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    Original source: The Spanish website ASQUIFYDE , dedicated to researching the causes of Multiple chemical sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other environmental diseases, characterized as emerging diseases, disabling and neglected. The activities carried out by Asquifyde are aimed at making the government take over the management and prevention of these diseases. (Translation)

    MAY 13th 201104.06.2011


    Dr. María Neira. Director of Public Health and Environment Department.
    Dr. Annette Prüss-Ustün. Team Leader of Public Health and Environment Department.
    Dr. Ivan D. Ivanov. Occupational Health, Public Health and Environment Department.
    Dr. T. Bedirhan Üstün. Coordinator: Classifications, Terminology and Standards, Department of Health Statistics and Information.
    Ms. Nada Osseiran. Communications Officer, Public Health and Environment Department.
    Dr. Anunciación Lafuente. Professor of toxicology at the University of Vigo and Vice-President of the Spanish Association of Toxicology (AETOX).
    Dr. Julián Márquez. Clinical neurologist and neurophysiologist specializing in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity patients and Electrohipersensitivity patients.
    Mrs. Isabel Daniel. Nurse specializing in neurophysiology.
    Mr. Jaume Cortés. Member of the Ronda Lawyers Group. A lawyer specializing in labor law and environmental illnesses (MCS and EHS) and member of the (Spain”s) National Committee for the Recognition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome.
    Ms. Sonia Ortiga. Lawyer specialized in environment.
    Ms. Francesca R. Orlando. Vice-President of the Italian association AMICA.
    Mrs. Francisca Gutiérrez. President of the Spanish association ASQUIFYDE and member of the (Spain”s) National Committee for the Recognition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome.

    Jaume Cortés opens the intervention by raising some basic questions to address the issue of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Electrohipersensibility (EHS).

    a) MCS and EHS are real health problems.

    b) There is evidence to confirm this statement:

    – Medical diagnostics.
    – Reports of work inspections establishing causality between exposure and disease.
    – There are scientific studies that confirm its existence.
    – There is a recognition by the European Parliament of these diseases, evidence that is provided in the dossier presented today.
    – There are 200 judgments in favor in Spain that support this evidence.
    – We are getting in Spain (economic) “compensation” for patients.

    c) We need to include these illnesses in the WHO International Classification of Diseases (ICD), because what makes it more difficult for legal recognition is precisely the lack of code for these diseases in the ICD.

    Then, Dr. Julián Márquez intervened, expressing how one of the problems faced by patients is the lack of understanding of the medical staff because these pathologies are little known or are unknown.


    For the full summary see the ASQUIFYDE notice.

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