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    1410: David Black puts his foot in it

    Auckland University academic and paid industry spokesperson David Black, who specializes in electromagnetic safety, claims that the question of cell phone radiation exposure risks had been settled. In making a radical departure from what the WHO/IARC found in their evaluation of the science Black claims that:

    “The whole idea of cancer and mobile handsets – there was never a good reason to think there was a problem in the first place.”

    Continued research was behind the continued questions, Black said. “There’s a lot of people in academic careers whose futures depend on there being a continued problem, so there’s a great deal of talking up of a continued problem.”

    So, if you are an academic claiming that there is a problem with cell phones, according to Black its only because your after the money. I’m sure the IARC panel will appreciate Black’s expert analysis.

    It could be added that a lot of academic careers are helped along by denying that there is a problem at all and getting well paid by the industry to say so, we have lots of that sort in Australia….. Interesting that Black dares make his claim while he on the record as stating in a recent TV documentary that he is paid by the telecom industry because they like what he says.

    Whats that old saying about the pot calling the kettle black?



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