• 25 MAY 11
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    1398: Ahlbom’s tobacco science

    From Iris Atzmon:


    ***Served until 1996 as a consultant to the tobacco industry.
    “Prof. A. Ahlbom declared that for a few years, until 1996, he was a member of the Swedish Tobacco Company”ôs Medical Research Council”

    ***Ahlbom was one of five professors who wrote in 2001 in a Swedish newspaper that PCB, phenoxyacetic acids and dioxins in Agent Orange probably do not pose risk of cancer, and the thought that cell phones might be able to cause brain tumors is ” biologically bizzare”. The tumors that prof Hardell had found in studies were “with great probability, a random find”. (The Invisible Disease, by Gunni Nordstrom page 111). and also in:
    http://www.bioelectromagnetics.org/newsletter/news162.pdf “Experts who talk rubbish” page 4

    *** lately raised the EMF standard from 1000 mG to 2000 mG (MWN short takes Nov 2010)
    while 2-4 mG is possible carcinogen by IARC.
    Is this not “biologically bizzare”?…

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