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    1380: Conference – Mobile Telephony, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max: are there health risks?

    From the Association for Environmental and Chronic Toxic Injury (AMICA)

    Press Release – Rome, 27th April 2011


    Mobile Telephony, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max: are there health risks?

    A.M.I.C.A. presents a congress in which scientists, lawyers and legislators will make an evaluation of health risks associated to wireless devices and discuss about the regulation of electro smog, at ten years after the anniversary of the Law 36/2001.

    The Association for Environmental and Chronic Toxic Injury (A.M.I.C.A.) presents the international congress “Mobile Telephony, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max: are there health risks?”¯ that will be held at Palazzo Marini – Sala delle Conferenze, Via del Pozzetto, 158 – Rome (near San Silvestro Sq.) on the 14th June 2011.
    After the opening by the MeP Pierfelice Zazzera, who recently submitted an interpellation on the decrees of the Law 36/2001, in its ten-years anniversary, the event will be divided into two sessions: the first will be focused on the discussion of the scientific evidence of the risks associated to the exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by wireless devices (with an Italian-English and English-Italian translation service); in the afternoon, the law experts will discuss the legal and political aspects of the regulation of electro smog.

    “Given the recent recognition by an Italian court of the causal link between the massive use of mobile phone and the onset of trigeminal tumor, and given the observation, that has to be further investigated, of some clusters of cancer among people living near mobile communication towers, we felt the need to organize a meeting about the biological effects of electromagnetic fields emitted from these devices and to put together legislators and lawyers to discuss about the regulations needed to protect public health” Francesca Romana Orlando, journalist and Vice President of A.M.I.C.A. comments.

    In the morning there will be, among others, Dr. Settimio Grimaldi from Inmm-CNR, University of Tor Vergata, outlining the theoretical and biological foundations of the injury induced by the exposure to electromagnetic fields; Dr Chiara De Luca, Head of the BILARA Laboratory at the Dermopatic Institute of the Immacolata in Rome who will give a lecture about “Oxidative stress and susceptibility to non-ionizing radiation”.

    There will be also Dr. Livio Giuliani Director of Research at INAIL and Dr. Morando Soffritti from the Ramazzini Institute who coordinated a major monograph about non-thermal effects of EMF for ICEMS (an independent organization of scientists that has promoted a more cautious use of technologies that emit radio frequency radiation).

    Dr. Fiorenzo Marinelli, Researcher at the Institute of Molecular Genetics – National Research Council of Bologna, will analyze the interaction of radar, cellular and Wi-Fi radiation with cell viability through the presentation of in vitro and in environment studies, while Dr. Ernesto Burgio, pediatrician and President of the Scientific Committee of ISDE – Doctors for the Environment will comment on the possible genetic and epigenetic damages from electromagnetic fields, which can also be transmitted from one generation to another.

    “We see more and more people calling our association because they report symptoms of “Electro-magnetic Hyper Sensitivity”¯ or “EHS”¯ “” such as headaches, rashes, insomnia, spatial disorientation, memory loss, tinnitus, etc. – in response to the exposure to the electromagnetic fields, but this phenomenon is largely underestimate by the national and international health agencies; we need new guidelines to protect the sensitive population,” Silvia Bigeschi, Vice President of A.M.I.C.A. declares.

    She also adds that “Sometimes the EHS patients follow an EMF avoidance protocol to heal from the reactions, but in some cases, EHS becomes a totally disabling condition that disrupts a person’s life, forcing him/her to a continuous escape from radiation. This condition seems to affect particularly people who already suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), a condition that is an intolerance to various chemicals, presumably they share a common etiopathogenetic mechanism”.

    In the first Session prof. Dominique Belpomme, oncologist, professor at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Necker-Enfants Malades in Paris and President of Research for Anti-Cancer Therapeutics (ARTAC), will present his diagnostic and therapeutic protocols for the intolerance to electromagnetic fields.

    Another major international expert on EHS, prof. Olle Johansson of the Department of Experimental Neurology, at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, will discuss the Seletun consensus published last February by an independent group of scientists. This consensus, just like the one produced by the Bioinititive group, of which prof. Johansson was also member, promotes to lower the standard limits of exposure and to promote some practices to minimize health risks, such as the adoption of headsets for mobile phones and the prohibition of its use in children.

    In the afternoon Senator Felice Casson will present his law proposal on electro smog, while Dr. Lorenzo Lombardi, Head of Section acoustic and electromagnetic pollution, the Directorate General for environmental assessments of the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, will discuss about the Law 36/2001.

    There will be also lectures by some lawyers working in the field of electro smog such as: Att. Matteo Ceruti, expert of administrative cases, Att. Maria Cristina Tabano from consumers organization Codacons, who will focus on a consumer class action for passive and active radiation from mobile phone; Att. Vittorio Amedeo Marinelli, President of the consumers organization Europeanconsumers will discuss about the controls on electro smog, while Att. Nicola Bramante from Rome, will talk about the criminal aspects.

    This event received the patronage from some institutions – the Regione Lazio, the Province of Rome, the Council of Rome, FedersanitĆ ANCI – and from several NGOs such as ISDE “” Doctors for the Environment, the International Electro Magnetic Fields Alliance (IEMFA), the International Commission on Electro Magnetic Safety (ICEMS), Europeanconsumers, Association Elettrosmog Volturino and Codacons.

    The final program will be published shortly on A.M.I.C.A.”™s website www.infoamica.it.
    The entrance to the conference is free. To participate you must book before June, 10 2011: calling the Tel. Nr. 0039 0572 767884 from Monday to Friday 9:00 to 11:00 or sending the registration form to this email amica@infoamica.it o by fax. 0039 0572 767884
    Given the presence of people with EHS and MCS, the participants are strongly invited not to wear any perfume or fragrances and to keep their mobile phone or wireless connections off during the event.

    Weblink: http://www.infoamica.it/engart.asp?a=5&sa=0&art=412

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