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    1378: Fukushima radiation fallout and The corona ion effect

    Earlier this week it was reported in the UK Independent that TEMCO Japan has admitted that it could take 9 months before the leaks at Fukushima are fixed and the plant brought under control – and that is their best case wing-on-a-prayer scenario – barring any more major after shocks or tsunamis.

    So it looks like the northern hemisphere will have to endure the fallout of radioactive isotopes for the rest of this year, at least. It is very likely the maximum permissible levels (MPLs) in many foods, such as milk, other dairy products and leafy vegetables for example, may routinely exceed US EPA MPL limits. What to do? Raise the MPLs to the point that the foods are conveniently “safe”? Finland tried that sneaky trick with export raindeer meat after they got peppered by Chernobyl.

    Watch the big spin about come that all that radiation is not so bad after all – and it might even be good for you – exampled by the mindless claptrap of AnnCoulter: http://www.anncoulter.com/cgi-local/article.cgi?article=414

    Putting that aside, it occurs to me that it is a very real possibility that the transmission line corona Ion effect
    ( See: http://cwl2004.powerwatch.org.uk/programme/posters/day4-fews2.pdf ) may in fact concentrate the radiation in the vicinity or downwind of transmission lines by attracting the radioactive isotopes as with other forms of air pollution.

    Besides the risk to people living in the vicinity of transmission lines this is a potentially HUGE occupational health & safety (OH&S) issue for power company linesmen working on the lines in exposed regions.

    If this is the case, with suitable equipment, this should be able to be determined. It would also further substantiate the corona ion hypothesis.

    Welcome to the New Nuclear Age.


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