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    1360: Cell Phone Radiation Changes Brain Metabolism

    From Louis Slesin, Microwave News:

    A well-regarded and influential team of researchers from the
    National Institutes of Health and the Brookhaven National Lab
    is on the brink of resolving a long-standing dispute with
    enormous implications for public health.

    In a paper due out tomorrow in the Journal of the American Medical
    Association (JAMA), Nora Volkow and coworkers are
    reporting that a 50-minute exposure to cell phone radiation
    can affect the normal functioning of the human brain.

    What is particularly remarkable about the new work is that
    those regions of the brain that were most highly exposed to
    phone radiation had the largest increases in metabolic activity.

    Whether these short-term changes will lead to health consequences
    (and what they might be) is far from clear — though Volkow already
    has preliminary indications of a long-term effect.

    Importantly, this new finding upsets the current orthodoxy because
    such low-levels EMF effects are thought to be impossible.

    Nora Volkow, the lead author of the JAMA study, is the
    director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. She told
    Microwave News that she recommends using a wired earpiece
    when on a mobile phone. She is most senior U.S. health official
    to come out for precaution.

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