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    1343 The Force, A new book by Lyn Mclean

    From the Scribe publications press release
    The Force
    living safely in a world of electromagnetic pollution

    Lyn McLean

    ‘One of the most important books I have read in a long time… a tour de force that covers an encyclopedic range of topics.’
    Lloyd Morgan, Environmental Health Trust fellow, brain tumour survivor

    ‘An easily readable account … the personal stories are compelling, and the scientific evidence is presented in a forceful yet understandable manner.’
    Dr David Carpenter, Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment

    “A valuable book that details the problem of electromagnetic radiation and what we can do about it.”
    Professor Yuri Grigoriev, World Health Organization EMF committee

    Technology infiltrates our lives so rapidly that few of us stop to consider the potential health implications. Yet could the technology designed to improve our lives actually be making us sick?

    Scientists have long believed that there is a link between health problems and radiation from mobile phones, wireless connections, powerlines, and electronic devices. Radiation has been linked to issues such as depression, fatigue, miscarriages, childhood leukaemia, and even brain tumours.

    In The Force, Lyn McLean shows us why electropollution is among the most important health issues of our time. Examining research from around the world, she explains how and why we are all at risk and offers practical, easy-to-understand advice for homeowners, parents, and employees wanting to reduce their exposure at home and in the workplace.

    Lyn McLean

    Lyn McLean is Australia”s foremost consumer advocate on the issue of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). An author and educator, she has been monitoring and writing on the subject for more than 15 years. Lyn is the publisher of the quarterly periodical EMR and Health and the author of Watt”s the Buzz? (Scribe, 2002), a guide to reducing exposure to EMR. She has served as a representative on various national committees related to this issue and is currently the director of EMR Australia, which provides services and assistance in connection with electropollution.

    Website: http://www.emraustralia.com.au

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