• 11 NOV 10
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    1316: Another brain tumour case aired on Australian TV

    See on the Australian Today Tonight TV investigative program the story of 27 year old Anna Tarent (sp?) with an aggressive brain tumour which she and her neurosurgeon Charley Teo have put down as likely a result of her heavy mobile phone use. Now Anna faces major brain surgery to remove the tumour which is the size of a lemon and is positioned right behind where she held the phone. She wants to warn others on the dangers of mobile phones. The on line video includes comments from Charley Teo and Australian Interphone head Bruce Armstrong.

    There is a growing possibility (perhaps inevitable) that we will soon see a class action in Australia against the industry. Will such action also include industry scientists and organizations who have consistently denied that there is any risk with mobile phone use?

    See the video on the Today Tonight website at:

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