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    #1246: New book on electrosensitivity

    From Sarah Dacre, Trustee ES- UK

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    Electro sensitivity and Electro hypersensitivity – A Summary by Michael Bevington

    Michael Bevington, Chair of Trustees of ES-UK, has written a 43 page book designed primarily for doctors, but also suitable for all of us to present to family, friends, colleagues and MPs, among others. It outlines ES, its symptoms and existing medical tests in 16 pages followed by some 800 references to scientific papers relating to this illness.

    this Summary may include the following new aspects perhaps of the greatest importance

    1. This may be the first English overview of ES and EHS since A. & J. Philips (2006) Electrical Hypersensitivity: A Modern Illness and N. Irvine (2005) Definition, Epidemiology and Management of Electrical Sensitivity (see notes 18 and 19, page 17). It is has more extensive references than either earlier report to the published literature, especially peer-reviewed studies, with some 800 references.

    2. This may be the first attempt in English to distinguish the three conditions, ES, EHS and EMF Neurosis. See Section 1 (page 5).

    3. This may be the first attempt to draw together the new techniques for the diagnosis of EHS using pathological markers developed by several medical laboratories over the last few years. See Section 4 (page 8).

    4. This may be the first attempt to provide a brief history of medical research into ES and EHS, including the wide variety of names which have been used by different governmental classification bodies and in scientific studies. See Section 10 (page 14).

    5. This may provide the first easily accessible list of international guidelines, both biological and thermal, including the Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines, published in English. See Section 11 (page 15).

    6. This may be the first English report on EHS to use the study by Huttunen et al. (2009) showing spontaneous hand movements apparently caused by Radio Frequencies. See Section 1A (page 5) and note 4 (page 17).

    7. This may be the first accessible printed English summary of Hecht and Balzer”ôs review of the developmental stages of EHS. See Section 7 (page 11).

    8. This may be the first attempt in English to attempt to elucidate with references co-morbity with EHS and to show patterns of other bio-electromagnetic effects including disease associations across the range of frequencies. See Section 9 (page 13).

    9. This Summary includes an extensive and referenced list of many relevant established mechanisms among the sub-thermal bio-effects of EMFs. See Section 8 (page 12).

    10. This may be the first English publication highlighting studies showing the prevalence of doctors accepting EHS and ES as medical conditions. See Section 6 (page 10).

    11. This may be the first generalised attempt to explain the inherent failure of many conscious psychological provocation tests, particularly on the grounds of failure to define EHS, failure to distinguish between ES and EHS, failure to distinguish between EHS and EMF Neurosis, failure to screen effectively people claiming to be EHS, failure to support conscious or subconscious psychological reactions with established pathological markers, failure to allow fully for confounding factors such as latency timings and synergistic causes, and failure to apply an appropriate statistical analysis if conscious reactions occur only on as few as 10% of provocations. See Section 6 (page 10).

    12. This may be the first attempt in English to outline cost savings to the NHS in the prompt and correct diagnosis of EHS. See Forward (page 4).

    A £10 donation payable to ES-UK, will buy a copy of the book, which will be mailed to you.

    Either make payment via the ES-UK web site internet donation button at www.es-uk.info and send a confirming email with your preferred mailing address details, to media@es-uk.info.

    Or please mail a cheque payable to ES-UK for £10.00 with your own personal address details to:

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    Please note that a PDF file is available for media reviews

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