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    #1242: Hypersensitivity Diseases and Environmental Causes: from Denial to Action

    From Beperk de Straling

    Hypersensitivity Diseases and Environmental Causes: from Denial to Action

    Link: http://www.env-health.org/a/3536?utm_source=newsletter_email&utm_medium=

    The French environment and health NGO and HEAL member, Reseau
    Environement Sante, coordinated a conference on hypersensitivity
    diseases and environmental causation in Paris on Wednesday 21st April.

    The conference was organised alongside the health insurance company,
    la Mutuelle Familiale, three patient associations and the national
    orgnaisation, la Coordination Nationale Médicale Santé Environnement

    The one day conference sought to highlight how mechanisms of diagnosis
    and treatment of hypersensitivity diseases could be strengthened if
    environmental factors were taken into account. In Europe, despite the
    high standards of medical education, information about the influence
    of environmental factors is often omitted from diagnosis and
    treatment. Health professionals are often unaware or do not have
    information on hypersensitivity diseases, particularly related to
    chemicals (such as multiple chemical sensitiveness,
    electro-sensitivity, chronic tiredness.

    The day aimed to produce an overview of the current situation, define
    the perspectives of scientific researchers, patients, and general
    practitioners, and to contribute to the creation of a future action
    plan on Hypersensitivity Diseases.

    You can read more about the outcome of the consortium on the RES
    website: http://www.reseau-environnement-sante.fr/

    Read the programme here:

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