• 06 MAR 10
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    #1228: Comments on the previous two messages

    From Iris Atzmon:

    This is related to the latest microwave news item. Sharesa Price won a lawsuit against the cellular company where she worked and exposed to cell phones and got brain tumor. I think what has changed is more studies and more data, but at the same time with a price of more technology exposure. So it somehow “balanced” one each other, at the bottom line it maybe means that nothing really has changed, from the aspect of making an advance in the bigger picture. The public awareness is mainly a result of information from studies penetrating despite the bribe of the media, but the against the argument that the public is more aware the opposite is also true: the public awareness is really not what it should be, and the proof for this is in the exposure and level of use of these devices, or if you wish, simply the profits of the companies. Profits are a measure for awareness (or lack of it). The risk of brain tumor is quite obvious for those who want to make 1+1 but mathematics has never been harder for the public than in this period of time…


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