• 06 MAR 10
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    #1227: Comments on last message

    From Sharesa Price:

    I’m sorry Louis, but a lot of things have changed in the last 10 years. The phones have changed, the manuals have changed. Most of all the public awareness has changed. People are waking up to the fact, these cell phones can promote tumor growth, and other health effects. That is a fact. Just because people don’t want to think they have been lied to. The thing that hasn’t changed is the deny, deny. The industry, and media, paid off doctors, public relations companies, FCC, FDA,etc. As long as they all stick to the same story. They think they are winning. Truth is the side we all walk on here. Protecting our children from this microwave emitting device, got lost at the hearing I thought. That is the part that has to change. Don’t forget this part. 10 Years ago, we would not even thought of giving our kids a cell phone. Now, they can get one on their own. Most of them use it for all the wrong reasons..

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