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    #1218: Listen to interview with Dr. David Carpenter on KMJ’s Morning News about EMFs.

    On Feb 15, 2010 in the Los Angeles Times, Dr. David Carpenter, one of the authors of the Bioinitiative report, was quoted by reporter Chris Woolston as apparently having a very dismissive viewpoint towards cell phone use and the condition of electrosensitivity. If we are to believe the reporter, Carpenter is now of the opinion that “there’s no good evidence that cellphones can cause headaches and other vague complaints”, and that “I’m not sure electrosensitivity is real.”
    Link (Copy & paste into your browser):

    HOWEVER, Woolston’s article is at odds with what Dr. Carpenter said on KMJ Radio after the LA Times article:
    Link: http://kmj580.com/common/global_audio/174/16704.mp3

    Is this an example of creative editing on the part of the LA Times by selectively quoting parts to fit in with whatever agenda the newspaper has?

    Whatever the case, listen to Dr. Carpenter on KMJ Radio for his own words:

    Link: http://kmj580.com/common/global_audio/174/16704.mp3

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