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    #1210: Could Your Cell Phone End Up Killing You?

    From AlterNet:


    A new debate is raging over whether prolonged cell phone use poses serious health side effects.
    February 5, 2010 |


    In the debate over cell phones, there doesn’t appear to be any consensus on what, exactly, the harmful health effects on cell phone users may be. Unfortunately, the scary truth is that no one knows the full extent of problems caused by these must-have consumer electronics, because they’ve only become ubiquitous in recent years.

    Nevertheless, at least one group of people who has been using cell phones longer than the rest of us has started to draw some connections.

    In an extensive piece on cell phone health hazards in this month’s issue of GQ [See EMFacts message #1205], a 35-year-old investment banker who five years ago was diagnosed with a brain tumor just behind his right ear — where he presses his phone — said that his industry has, “been using cell phones since 1992, back when they were the Gordon-Gekko-on-the-beach-kind-of-phone.” The banker said four or five colleagues at his firm also have similar tumors.

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