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    #1209: New papers from the Dutch National Platform on Radiation Risks (NPS)

    From Alex Swinkels, the National Platform on Radiation Risks:

    1) Progressive stages in world-wide knowledge development regarding
    Electromagnetic Fields & Health

    With this paper the Dutch National Platform on Radiation Risks aims to
    improve public awareness of the successive stages of development of
    knowledge about the domain of EMF&H which have occurred in recent decades.

    2) Reaction of the Dutch National Platform on Radiation risks on the draft
    ICNIRP Guidelines for limiting exposure to time-varying electric and
    magnetic fields (1 Hz to 100 kHz).


    3) Research on electromagnetic fields should find a new direction
    Long-term exposure, but … … no knowledge, no safety standards
    Citizens and ecosystems are nowadays increasingly exposed to long-term
    growth in low- and high-frequency electromagnetic fields from an ever wider
    range of electrical equipment, power lines and wireless applications. The
    knowledge about possible health consequences of long-term effects of such
    fields is not available, or available only in a very limited way. This also
    applies to the cumulative effect of these influences. In line with this, the
    current standards primarily focus on the prevention of acute health effects
    occurring on exposure to individual fields. As a consequence, in the current
    situation, human beings and the natural world are not protected against
    possible long term health effects from a cocktail of different
    electromagnetic fields.

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