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    #1198: Microwave News: Will NIEHS Ever “Get” EMFs?

    From Louis Slesin, Microwave News:

    Most managers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
    (NIEHS) refuse to allow that the EMF­cancer playbook may be different from
    the one for chemicals. Even now, when there is ample evidence that power
    line EMFs can increase the risk of childhood leukemia and there is a growing
    suspicion that cell phone radiation is associated with three different types
    of tumors, NIEHS prefers to look the other way. The institute has long
    resisted endorsing precautionary policies for any kind of EMFs.

    The latest case in point involves John Bucher, a senior NIEHS official who
    runs the National Toxicology Program (NTP). During his 27-year career at
    NTP/NIEHS, Bucher has evaluated the dangers of any number of chemicals. He
    is currently taking the lead on BPA, the controversial plastic additive, as
    well as radiation from cell phones.

    In a story featured on the front pages of North Carolina’s leading
    newspapers earlier this month, Bucher declared that he doesn’t believe that
    cell phones can cause cancer. “I anticipate either no correlation or, if
    anything is seen at all, it won’t be a strong signal,” he said. Bucher was
    referring to a massive NTP project designed to see whether long-term
    exposure to cell phone radiation can cause cancer in rats and mice. It is
    the largest single cancer study ever undertaken by the NTP/NIEHS with a
    budget of $25 million, maybe more. NIEHS spent ten years planning the

    What’s not explicitly stated in the news article is that the long-term study
    has not actually started yet.

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