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    #1190: Comments on last message from Charles Claessens

    Hello Don,

    my comments:

    Ho, ho, not so fast.

    They used a signal which was generated with a HP ESG D400A generator.

    The high frequency carrierwave was 918 MHz, but nowhere can be found which pulsrate was used.
    And it is just the modulation of these lowfrequency pulsrates (with a lot of other signals in it) that do have the impact on people.

    On http://www.milieuziektes.nl/Pagina109.html I have placed modulations of 217 Hz and 100 Hz, made by a generator.
    When you listen to them, in their different wave forms, it is quite obvious, that they sound quite different from real recorded mobile phone signals, like a DECT phone or GSM or even UMTS.

    (Electrosensibles who listen to my recorded AUDIO modulations do get the same complaints as with the original elektrosmog sources.)

    Since the 1930’s we do know about bioresonance effects. Those are therapies with certain frequencies.
    Quite a large number of ailments can be healed that way.
    (I myself could improve my hearing with 10 dB in a one month time!)

    So, it is quite possible, that they accidently used a right bioresonance frequency, which helped for the Alzheimer.
    Known Rife frequencies for Alzheimer are f.i. 430, 620, 624, 840, 866, 2213, 5148, 19180.5

    Abnormally high levels of the toxic metals aluminum””and now, mercury””are being discovered in the brains of people with Alzheimer”s. These and other heavy metals can amplify, if not outright cause, this disorder.
    Perhaps a detoxifying modulation frequency was used.
    Don’t get fooled, elektrosmog generally shortens the short term memory with a lot of people.
    My point is, that the modulations of real mobile phones (or masts) are quite different from signals generated by EMF generators.

    Another point I have is, that I could measure quite a lot of *dirty power* as well as *dirty air* in certain laboratoria.
    These VLF could also cause bioresonance effects on the tested animals.
    Who knows.
    That may be a reason why the tails of the comet-assay in the Reflex study in one labo are different from those in another.

    Do scientists check their laboratories for VLF ?
    I found that electrosensitives did react to VLF at a distance of 2 meters, while the electrical field was only measurable at 2 centimeters.
    The biological impact of VLF on living things at great distances is much higher, than theoretically assumed.
    (Since a few days I do have a prototype of a special EMP Impuls Detektor < 100 kHz, which is extremely sensitive with some rare antennas. It can pick up much more *dirty air* for which electrosensitives are sensible. I am now trying to measure how long a Rife session remains in the body.) I already published my findings with an F-Scan. With its DIRP one can measure the existance of f.i. Candida. That can be today, tomorrow, next week, till the Candida has been healed. I found however, that as soon as a person was exposed to an elektrosmog source, a magnetic field of a transformer or a DECT phone, heavy peaks were visible by the DIRP. But as soon as the exposure was gone, those peaks were gone also, but the health complaints came later still. So this elektrosmog *information* is stored somewhere in the body for further *processing.* The far reaching biological effects of lowfrequency signals is good perceivable with the *poor man's Rife*, when one uses audio CD's with Rife frequencies, where there is only sound and no electrical field. In my program for healing electrosensitivity, audio Rife CD's play an important part. Greetings, Charles Claessens member Verband Baubiologie www.milieuziektes.nl www.milieuziektes.be www.hetbitje.nl

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