• 19 DEC 09
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    1) From Henrik Eiriksson:

    One thing said by Croft intrigues me, given the dates of the newspaper articles are so recent:
    “Khurana acknowledged this by referencing “referral bias” but said future research would clarify the
    matter. Such research has been conducted and found no increase in tumour rates.”

    I’m confused. Does Rodney Croft have a time-machine? or might he be referring to the latest “just-in-time-for-christmas” Schüz & co. Danish Cancer Society study?
    In any case, time lord or not, Croft sure knows how to be vague.
    Croft is a professor of psychology, right? And why is a shrink telling a neurosurgeon that he’s imaging things happening in his operating room?


    2) From Mona Nilsson:

    Hi Don
    Last evening I got a link to a new PR scientific brochure paid by T-mobile
    and with Croft and Repacholi as co-authors.

    Talk about independent…


    Kind regards

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