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    #1163: Important London conference on risk analysis

    One of the prime roles of the WHO’s International EMF Project (IEMFP) is to conduct risk assessments of the scientific literature that are then used by ICNIRP to set exposure guidelines. In order to understand the ‘philosophy’ behind IEMFP and ICNIRP it is important to have a grasp of the practice of risk analysis and how it can be selectively applied to a wide range of issues, from the design of shopping trolleys and seat belts, to GM foods and cellphone use by children. For this reason the below conference should be a worthwhile event for those who can attend.





    21 “” 23 June, 2010
    King”ôs College London


    The 19th SRA-Europe conference in 2010 aims to facilitate an exchange of ideas among all actors in the field of risk: academics from across the disciplines, policy makers, the private sector, NGOs and other interest groups. The conference organisers welcome presentations on all aspects of risk analysis, broadly encompassing risk assessment, risk characterisation, risk perception and communication, risk management, and risk governance.

    The special conference theme will be Risk, Governance and Accountability. This theme reflects the increasing centrality of risk analysis to decision-making in a wide range of policy and organisational contexts and the increasing demands by the public for decision-makers to account for outcomes.
    Confirmed keynote speakers so far include:
    * Baruch Fischhoff, Carnegie Mellon University; * Ethel Forsberg Director General, Swedish Chemicals Agency; * Alan Irwin, Copenhagen Business School; * Geoffrey Podger, Director General, Health and Safety Executive; * Michael Power, London School of Economics; * Tim Smith, Chief Executive, Food Standards Agency; * Kip Viscusi, Vanderbilt University.
    The 2010 conference will be held at King’s College London and will be co-sponsored by the Environment Agency, the Food Standards Agency and the Health and Safety Executive. King”ôs College London is one of England”ôs oldest and most prestigious university institutions, and its central London location is within walking distance of world famous attractions, such as the Houses of Parliament, St Paul”ôs Cathedral, Tate Modern, and Covent Garden.

    We invite scientists and practitioners wishing to present their work at the conference in the form of an oral presentation, poster, or symposium, to submit an abstract, no later than January 11th 2010.

    The abstract of an oral presentation or poster should be 250 words maximum and include specific field of interest, issues addressed, methodology applied and results achieved or expected. Abstracts for symposia or round-table discussions should not exceed 800 words. Abstracts and proposals should be received by Jan 11th 2010. They will then be reviewed by the Technical Program Committee. Upon acceptance authors will be notified by March 1st 2010. The conference program schedule will be available by April 1st 2010. Registration for the conference will be open on November 30th 2009 and the closing date for early registration is April 19th 2010.

    We are also pleased to announce that SRA Europe are sponsoring two SRA-E Student Conference Scholarships, each worth 500 Euro towards conference registration and accommodation. Further details can be found on the SRA-E website (www.sraeurope.org)

    We would also remind you that as January is the time to renew your SRA membership, if you choose to be affiliated to the SRA-Europe Regional Organization (40 dollars) you will be entitled to a reduction of £50 on the conference fee.
    We look forward to seeing you in London,

    On behalf of the local organizing committee,

    Prof. Ragnar Lofstedt
    Director of the King’s Centre for Risk Management

    For more information about the conference and important dates, please visit the website at www.kcl.ac.uk/sspp/srae2010, or email: SRAE@kcl.ac.uk

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