• 09 AUG 09
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    #1112: Comments on the cell phone brain tumour controversy

    From Yasmin Skelt:

    Dear Don,

    I have been away on holiday and I am encouraged by your words. I know an
    occupational therapist who also is extremely strict with her teenage son’s
    use – and her 10 year old has no phone. She said a few years back that her
    and colleagues had noticed an increase in young people arriving for therapy
    due to surgery for brain tumours and believe it to be mobile phone use.
    Before the young people coming through were mainly recovering from car
    crashes. Unfortunately I think the way the British National Health works is
    suppressing the information in two ways – it is waiting for “The Government”
    to instruct them to do something and also I believe those responsible for
    allowing masts years ago on hospital buildings are frightened of being sued
    or being found out about kickbacks for allowing them in the first place.

    It is like recognizing the risks of smoking and deep vein thrombosis on air
    flights – educate people and they will respond once they make the connection.

    Best Yasmin

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