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    #1106: Dr. Magda Havas on wired and wireless technologies

    From Steve Poole:

    Here’s a link to Dr. Havas’ recent presentation at Royal Roads in Colwood (Victoria) on July 22nd.
    “Dr. Magda Havas: The Truth About Wired & Wireless Technologies”


    This link will allow you to view the first five minutes of the video. You then have the option of downloading / installing the VEOH player to your computer so that you may play the full length video. (You will find the download link to this player below the video screen.) Please keep in mind the compression ratio of this video is 10 to 1 so the quality has been significantly reduced compared to the downloadable MPG version (and certainly compared to the version slated for local TV broadcast.) This version is the unedited version at one hour and twenty-eight minutes. This will be cut down to an hour long version for the local Victoria TV market. I realize this is a long video but you can simply move the progress indicator bar below the viewing screen to any location to locate a particular topic of interest. Many internet viewers have not seen the previous video and may want to view the presentation in its entirety. There’s a lot of information here and I believe that all of it is substantial and important hence my decision not to cut it up into small chunks and post them on YouTube. Again, you can download the video and watch it in digestable timeframes or you can move the progress indicator bar and manually fast-forward to a location.

    This video site offers several advantages once the Veoh player is installed on your system: One is improved data streaming. Another is different playback sizes and finally, you can download the entire unconverted video to your computer so you can play it back from your hard drive in full screen mode. There is also a cool search-engine (Firefox) toolbar feature that displays all videos related to any Google/Yahoo search that you perform. However, there are negatives such as the ads and the occasional tasteless, mind-numbing commercials. Understand that I have absolutely no control over the obnoxious, irritating and insulting ads and commercials or the content therein so please be tolerant and forgiving. Marshall McLuhan said that the ‘medium is the message’ but didn’t mention that the medium would contain additional superfluous toxic detritus…

    Please foward this email video link on to interested parties if you are so inclined.

    If you have any technical questions or problems, I will be glad to assist you if you require help.



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