• 16 MAY 09
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    #1061:Coming pandemic or far worse?

    Comments on last message by Gerald Goldberg:


    Given the nature of the exposure, there will not be a gradual increase but one would expect to see the equivalent of a mushrooming of the incidence of the illness after a lag period of say 5 to 7 years. The incidence will be flat and then will explode exponentially, much like the configuration of a mushroom cloud. This is due to the latency of the process and the wholly inadequate screening capabilities of the current medical industry. The current debate though enlightening does not adequately provide for the necessary services and interventions that will be needed when this epidemic peaks. In essence the sophistry of their own position will do little to provide service to the public at large which is already alarmed and distrustful of those in positions of authority, irregardless of their well intentioned and paternalistic deniability.

    Gerald Goldberg, MD

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