• 12 MAY 09
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    #1058: Interphone: Good News, Bad News

    From Microwave News:

    The stalemate over Interphone is coming to an end.

    A project of the International Agency for Research on
    Cancer (IARC) on the possible links between mobile
    phones and tumors, Interphone has been bogged down
    for over three years while its members feuded over
    how to interpret their results.

    Now, Microwave News has learned, a paper on
    brain tumor risks is about to be submitted
    for publication. Christopher Wild, the director
    of IARC, forced a compromise to resolve what
    had become a major embarrassment for the agency.

    In fact, Wild has only achieved a partial resolution.
    After the brain tumor paper is finally published later
    this year, much more work on Interphone will still
    need to be done.

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